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Produkte//RS-Long Jump Soft

The RS-Long Jump Soft complies with the Agility Obstacle Guidelines of the FCI (as of 2018).

RS-Long Jump Soft built up Detail view Magnetic base Detail view of stainless steel base Upper PVC tarpaulin Element 120cm to 150cm wide Elements stackable No tight corners Joerg Thenert TKAMO Siegel

Product description RS-Long Jump Soft


The RS-Long Jump Soft consists of four padded elements and four color-coded limiting rods.

The upholstery virtually eliminates injury to the dog that is usually caused by sharp and firm edges or sharp corners, no matter which direction the dog is heading for the long jump.




The elements of the RS-Long Jump Soft, can visually hardly be differentiated from the currently used commercial long jumps. They proven two-point supports (feet) of the elements, ensure a secure footing even on uneven surfaces.


The elements are contrasting in two colors, so that the dogs recognize the device better. We have chosen the colors white and gray because these two colors are recognized by the dogs best!


The upholstery of the areas on which the dog may jump when skipping, only gives way in depth to the extent that a dog won’t loose his balance when stepping on it.


An advantage for the dogs are the elements that become 10cm wider at the last element compared to the first. The first element is 120cm wide, the second 130cm, the third 140cm and the fourth 150cm wide!


An advantage for the handling and storage is that the four elements can be easily stacked and transported or carried.


The marking poles are attached to the foot with magnets and additionally provided with high-contrast stripes. If a dog touches the poles, they will fall over and the foot will remain on the ground.

The foot of the marker rod has a four-point support in the form of an angled cross, so that it can be placed on almost any surface.




The Elements:

The carriers of the elements are made of wood. The wood is treated in a carpenter’s workshop on flatness and dimension, so that with proper handling and storage, a twisting is almost impossible!

The carriers are covered with a special foam and then covered with PVC tarpaulins and glued.

The tarpaulin material is UV and weather resistant

– extremely tear-resistant

– Temperature resistant from -30 to + 70 ° C

The feet of the elements, are protected on their shelves by stainless steel sheets, so that the elements in storage, e.g. on stony ground will not be damaged.

The marking poles:

The rods are made of high quality UV-resistant and weather-resistant PC tube.

The feet are made of metal and painted with a high quality powder coating.

The RS long jump “soft” complies with the Agility Obstacle Guidelines of the FCI (as of 2018).


Joerg Thenert

Jörg Thenert is chairman for Agility in the DVG and member of the VDH – committee for Agility


So that I and above all my customers have safety, I presented the RS-Long Jump Soft to Jörg Thenert. Jörg Thenert is chairman for Agility in the DVG and member of the VDH – committee for Agility. He took a close look at the long jump, checked it and found it to be very recommendable without any restrictions. In particular that the limiting rods, which are attached to a magnet on the foot, fall over when touched by the dog and the foot remains on the ground, he finds very good!



The RS-Long Jump Soft is approved by the “TKAMO”!
On 04.09.2017 I got the approval for the RS-Long Jump Soft from main judge for Agility in Switzerland, Peter Feer. Peter Feer is a member of the “Technical Commission for Agility, Mobility and Obedience (TKAMO)” of the SKG Switzerland (www.tkamo.ch).

TKAMO is responsible for the homologation of Agility devices in Switzerland.