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Produkte//RS-Tire Lift 4T

(Protected throughout the EU internal market through the HABM / Alicante (Spain) on 07th March 2013 under the roll number 002 197 988)

RS-Tire Lift 4T (recognized by the two RS-Logo Stickers on the two upper predetermined breaking point) Closed RS-Tire Lift 4T Opened RS-Tire Lift 4T

The RS-Tire 4T (T=Teile (= parts) and the RS-Tire 3T Lift basically correspond to the characteristics of the RS-Tire 2T/3T and RS-Tire 2T/3T Lift and is hence a further development of those!

The Running-Safe Tire 4T is a tire obstacle, which focuses on the dog’s safety to minimize the risk of injury. Other considerations such as ease of use, weight of material, adaptability to existing frames and mounts, the stability and elasticity of the material and the ease of installation were included in the development of it.

The Running-Safe Tires 4T is designed that in addition to the lower part also the upper part of the tire could open in case of a collision. The upper part of the tire is likewise the lower part in the case of a collision designed to fall off to the ground. The two parts which are the left and right side of the tire stay connected tot he frame through the „Lift“ mechanism. The lower part of the tire still falls in the corresponding way as usually down to the floor. The upper part of the RS-Tire 4T is equipped with a much stronger magnet than the lower part of the tire. Thus, the tire opens completely when it is stressed accordingly. Through the use of magnets, the stressed parts of the tire can easily be put together and aligned after any collision.
The lower part of the tire can be separated from the upper part as before, so that the lower part will fall to the ground in case of any accident.

The RS-Tires Lift 2T/3T/4T are designed to adjust the height of the tire without needing sophisticated technical means, such as installing an additional frame for height adjustment in the existing framework.



The RS-Tire Lift 4T is hooked up instead of using eyelets, with hooks into the chains, which are attached to the framework. The mounting parts on the tire rack must have a central distance of 465mm to guarantee a proper height adjustment of the tire.


The height can be adjusted as described below


  • Loosen the chains on both sides of the tire from the rack (HINT: For the RS-Rack this is not necessary, since the fixtures automatically adjust!)
  • Slightly elevate the tire hanging in the frame
  • Unhinge the two chains
  • Lift the tire to the preferred height
  • Hang back the chains into the hook
  • Attach the chains on both sides tot he frame again (HINT: For the RS-Rack this is not necessary, since the fixtures automatically
  • adjust!)
  • Done!!!

For the standard used heights of the tire we recommend to color the chain links as this makes adjusting the height significantly easier.

The top two chains are using a counterweight and slide through an opening in the tire directly next to the hook into the interior of the tire during the lifting or vice versa when pulled out when lowering the tire.

The adjustment is very simple, because the chains do not automatically engage in the hook by themselves when adjusting the height which also makes pinching of fingers – if handled properly – nearly impossible.

If a dog jumps diagonally in the tire at the right pressure this will also loosen the chains held by magnets. In order to minimize the risk of injury at this point, the chains are surrounded by a transparent tube.

Should the opening of the upper part deform by such a situation as described above, the tire can easily be pushed back into its original shape. This can easily be done without the use of tools and considerable effort due to the incorporated stabilizers.




The RS-Tires 2T/3T4T Lift are generally built in the RS-Rack and can be built into many other frameworks and is therefore most suitable for retrofitting. The mandatory purchase of a complete frame with tire is therefore not necessary for most of the currently used frameworks. Just the height adjustment of the chains on both sides has to be fitted to the frame individually.
The chains to which the tire is mounted, are supposed to be used for a framework with the size of 1600mm width and 1500mm height and must be interpreted (when retrofitting) adjusted by the customer laterally if necessary.


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