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Produkte//RS Tire 2T

Product Description: Running-Safe Tire 2T (2-parted)

(DPMA protected document number 40 2010 006 138.1)

RS-Tire 2T (recognizable via the sticker on the upper half) Closed RS-Tire 2T Opened RS-Tire 2T


The Running-Safe Reifen is a tire obstacle, which focuses on the dog’s safety and minimizes the risk of injury. Other considerations such as ease of use, weight of the material, adaptability to existing frames and mounts, the stability and elasticity of the material and the ease of installation were included in the development.

The Running-Safe Reifen was developed to separate the lower part of the tire from the upper part so that the lower part will fall to the ground when a dog hits or impacts the tire. Through the use of magnets, the lower part is attached to the upper part and aligned so that the tire can be used again after it has been dissolved into two parts.



The RS-Tire 2T consists of an “upper” and a “lower” part. The tire is separated at the bottom on two spots. The lower portion is connected to the upper part by magnets so that the end result seems to be a usual and complete tire. Both parts are sealed inside.

The magnets are incorporated into the center section of the tire at each end of the arcs. The magnets are used not only as a means to lead to the two parts of the tire together, but also as the weakest point in the structural integrity of the tire.

On the upper part of the tire a total of four eyelets are attached. Two eyelets on the top for suspending the tire and two eyelets at the lower end, for lateral stability. On these eyelets, the tire can be secured e.g. by chains to the existing frame.

The two chains, which laterally stabilize the upper part of the tire are also equipped with magnets. The chain is attached on each tire and the frame by magnets. In case the dog jumps between tire and frame, to the left or the right of the tire and hits the chain it will also fall off as well. Consequently the dog is protected from injury in this case. If a dog jumps diagonally in the tire at the right pressure this will also loosen the chains held by magnets. In order to minimize the risk of injury at this point, the chains are surrounded by a transparent tube.

Should the opening of the upper part deform by such a situation as described above, the tire can easily be pushed back into its original shape. This can easily be done without the use of tools and considerable effort due to the incorporated stabilizers.
We offer the RS-Tire 2T exclusively in the dimension 21 “inches in diameter. We believe that dogs should not make a jump targeting, but work off the device. Any tire with a smaller diameter makes it difficult especially for larger dogs, such as a German Shepherd to correctly work off the device, thereby promoting the risk of accidents and injuries.



The RS-Tire 2Tcan be built into many other frameworks and is therefore most suitable for retrofitting. The mandatory purchase of a complete frame with tire is therefore not necessary for most of the currently used frameworks.

For a rotatable frame, the RS-Tire 2T should logically not be used, because otherwise in a certain setting the opening portion is on the upper side. This would therefore no longer provide the protection against injuries as it is supposed to be.

The chains to which the tire is mounted, are supposed to be used for a framework with the size of 1600mm width and 1500mm height and must be interpreted (when retrofitting) adjusted by the customer laterally if necessary.


Free Service

Upon request, the two chains, which stabilize the tire laterally can also be attached to eyelets and for each chain with one snap-hook (Karabiner) instead of the magnets. They will be supplied at no extra charge.

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