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Produkte//RS-Rack with Tire Lift 4T

Product Description: RS-Rack - to stow away Flexible, lightweight, highly functional and space-saving

(DPMA protected document number 40 2011 000993.5 / Protected throughout the EU internal market through the (OHIM) / Alicante (Spain) on 16th August 2011 under the roll number 001 904 996)

RS-Tire rack with an RS-Tire lift, which is mounted on the top setting.

We have responded to the constructive suggestions of mini-and midi-dog owners and extended the functionality of RS-Rack.

The basic properties of the RS-Rack were not affected by this!

The concern of the agility athletes were the 45 ° bearings, which support the framework to the radial arms. In case little dogs are required to quickly turn after landing they might be perceived by the dog as an obstacle.

We have taken this as an opportunity and amended the brearings on the radial arms so that they are no longer firmly attached. They are now secured with locking pins to sustain the stability of the whole frame. These pins provide the possibility to move the bearings closer to the frame. However, the best stability of the frame is guaranteed when the bearings are in the 45 ° position. Since the impact that might occur in case a small or medium dog hits the frame would not be as high as it would be compared to a large dog, since also the tire is in the lowest setting of the frame, it allows the construction to move the bearings closer to the frame. Another improvement will ensure the necessary stability to be improved, by the shifting mechanism, which can be secured to the frame with special pins if any uneven surfaces must be compensated.


Latest offer

The RS-Frame can now be ordered (for an additional charge) made out of colored glassfiber tubes. The available colors (red, yellow, black, grey and blue) can be combined individually. The vertical tubes on each side upon which the height-adjustment mechanism and the shift run are due to technical reasons always made of anodized aluminum tubes.

Availability and delivery times are available upon request!!!




The main principle of the RS-Rack is the use of only high quality materials. The frame is made of an anodized aluminium pipe. The connecting pieces are made of corrosion-resistant, fibreglass-reinforced material. The unique features of the RS-Rack are

  • The folding mechanism allows the radial arms, that have to be at least 1 meter long according to FCI standards, to be fold with very little effort via a sliding mechanism whereby the frame can be stored in a space-saving way.
  • The folding mechanism provides the option to compensate any uneven surfaces when setting up the tire frame by priory adjusting the regulation of the sliding mechanism by pushing it down until the radial arm rests. Thus, the stability is guaranteed on virtually every surface and prevents the radial arms to tower above the ground by which runners could possibly be hurt.
  • The fittings of the upper and lower cross-members by means of locking pins enable a very user-friendly disassembling of the RS-Tire and can even be stored in a very confined space. It can also be transported easily as it fits in almost every car.
  • The fasteners on both sides of the tire are mounted on the pipe, making the chains hold their own weight so that there is always a slight tension and hence they shift automatically to the height adjustment of the tire.
  • The chains, which stabilize the tire on both sides, are covered by a clear-headed tube to also minimize the risk of injury.

With proper handling and storage of the RS-Rack you will be enjoying this unique device for a very long time.

We strongly recommend all dog-sport equipments to be stored in a well ventilated room.

Attention! The RS-Rack can only be purchased in combination with the RS-Tire Lift.


The RS-Frame made out of colored glassfiber tubes in red-grey
The RS-Frame made out of colored glassfiber tubes in red-grey
The RS-Frame made out of colored glassfiber tubes in red-yellow

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