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Produkte//RS-Hurdle Bar

Product Description : RS-Hurdle Bar

(DPMA protected document number 40 2010 06 138.1) (Protected in EU trough the (HABM) /Alicante (Spanien) under No. 002852368)

RS-Hürdenstangen (zwei- und dreigeteilt) im Einsatz Hurdle Bar in different colors Dreiteilige Farbkombination Dreiteilige Farbkombination


The tripartited RS-Hurdle Bar is held by two magnets and available with the length of 120cm and 130cm. Together, the magnet and the disc form a predetermined breaking point, which releases at the appropriate pressure. This prevents the unfavourable impact to the dog and breaking of the bar in case the dog impacts the bar in an unfortunate way.


RS-Hurlde Bar’s material

The bar is made up of fiberglass, available in the lengths 120cm and 130cm with diameter of 30mm. The fiberglass tube is completely weather resistant and very stable.

The bars are available by request in the colours red, yellow, grey, blue or black. Some examples of how the bar can look like can be seen on the pictures below.

Since the official regulations say that from 2016 on only hurdle bars with three different colours are allowed in tournaments, we don’t offer the two parted hurdle bar anymore, as dyed fibreglass pipes cannot be painted manually.



Emergence of the RS-hurdle bar

Enthusiastic about the immaculate functionality of the RS-Tire, anxious Agility athletes came to me to talk about the safety issue as far as obstacles like the double bar and hurdle (jump) combination are concerned. If these are placed in tournaments, you can often see that an astonishing number of dogs have their problems with the combination and the double jump in terms of not identifying the device correctly or simply miscalculate the jump. In both cases it often happens that the dog impacts the bar which then consequently breaks. This can inevitably cause a violation of the dog’s health.

I have personally seen it at an Agility tournament where a small, very fast dog impacted a simple hurdle with the forelegs and it obviously hurt so much that the athlete had to stop the run.
Of course, these things can also happen in training.
For these reasons, I’ve designed a bar which is held in the center by a magnet. If a dog impacts this bar it simply splits into two parts. The dog cannot be hurt and the bar won’t break, because it eases at the “predetermined breaking point”.
The bar could then be assembled easily together. Done!!

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