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02.05.2013 -„Out now“ the new RS-Tire available as 3 and 4-parted break-away-tire!

Several times we were approached in the past by Agility athletes that the tires should also open the “top”. The practice is just that most accidents happen in trainingprodukte_reifen3T_3_kl

Some reasons for arguing that the tire should also break away on the upperhalf might are for example:

  • Different sized dogs, from mini to large, train in one group together and it happens
  • quite often that you forget to adjust the tire especially for large dogs. The large sized dog could possibly then,and it already happened, jump onto the top of the tire.
  • Overmotivated dogs could also jump too high and thus collide with the upper half of the tire.
  • Beginner dogs, which are still in training and not yet familiar with the tire as an obstacle, could possibly due to the lack of training also jump too high and thus collide with the upper half of the tire.

Therefore, we decided to take care of this problem to find a solution for this. The problem that the tire has to be divided into 3 or even 4 parts, is that the tire shall not lose its shape, especially if the tire is re-assembled. It thus should when viewed fromprodukte_reifen4T_3_kl

the side not look as if you were driven with this against a curb. Another criterion is that the tire, when it is adjusted in height,

maintains its shape and does not fall apart.

We were finally able to come up with a solution and developed functional systems, which meet the above mentioned requirements.